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From Dust to a New Dawn, The Royal Family of Orzamarr


Artist name: sqbr
Author name: reddominae

Art Title: The Royal Family of Orzamarr
Warnings: None
Any artist notes: It’s always fun coming up with a scenario I’d love to see written about then leaving the details to someone else ;) I love what she did with it!

Story Title: From Dust to a New Dawn
Pairing(s): Leliana/Brosca
Warnings: None
Story summary: The Blight defeated and Amaranthine rebuilding, the Warden-Commander has been called to fulfil a new role: Queen-Regent of Orzammar. With the help of her sister and lover, Brosca has slowly been creating reform in her old home, but when it comes time for a momentous vote to take place trouble and intrigue rear their ugly heads and the three most powerful women in Orzammar must work quickly to ensure all their hard work has not been in vain. For the Dragon Age Reverse Big Bang 2014.

Link to art, by sqbr:
Link to story, by reddominae:

My reverse big bang art and the very sweet Leliana/f!Brosca story reddominae wrote for it.

Welcome to Pink and Purple Pixels!


Because all the other “girl gamer” type sites I know of are for female players of games, and I’m interested in posting stuff relevant to female creators of games, as well as anyone else interested in games which cater to/are about/are by those outside the usual straight white able bodied male gamer from the US.

I may get bored of this idea in a week but at least I’ll have the idea out of my system. To start with I’ve reblogged a bunch of content from my main tumblr and dreamwidth, that should run out in a few days then we’ll see where we are. 

Submissions are open, I’ve never hosted other people’s content before but if you have relevent stuff send it my way. Asks/fanmail/posts tagged with pinkandpurplepixels are also good.

A new blog! By me! About games! And stuff! Follow it! (Or not. I GUESS)



Chihayafuru: Skewed Priorities by ~sqbr

Taichi, Arata and Chihaya as they unpack their new place. Taichi lies in Arata’s lap pointing to the certificate he’s straightening, and Chihaya perches her chin on his shoulder.

Taichi: Ok, now 2 degrees to the left
Chihaya: After this can we unpack the karuta deck?

Drawn as a Paralells gift for half_sleeping.

Heehee, when I got the prompt for this I was imagining your reaction :D

This is the point where I alienate ot3ers of all stripes by saying I mainly just ship Arata/Chihaya as a pair, though I ship Shinobu&Chihaya&Arata&Taichi as friends who have worked on their MANY ISSUES and can see the appeal of all the romantic subsets (yes even Taichi/Shinobu come on it would be hilarious), which is what I drew on when creating the picture. 

Anonymous asked you: eee! your tshirts are on that blog!!

Yes! That’s actually how I found out about the blog, via the notification. I’ve been getting lots of likes it’s been great for my ego :) Noone’s actually BOUGHT anything but that’s ok, it’s not like I think about buying 99% of the cool stuff I see on tumblr myself.

(“that blog” being the redefiningbodyimage tumblr)


Sadly, I think I have to declare that my Twine game, which I haven’t worked on in weeks, is on indefinite hiatus until I can get my shit together. 

I was so excited about it, too. 

Yeah, same with my Twine game and time travel Ren’py game.

To cheer myself up: here’s the first playable draft of my Twine game if anyone wants to waste some time collecting shiny pebbles. (No, it doesn’t go anywhere. That was going to be in the next draft…)

alias-sqbr: link
Fandom: Iron Man (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Pepper Potts/Tony Stark
Characters: Pepper Potts, Tony Stark
Additional Tags: FanFic, Fluff

A light character piece about Pepper, with a little Pepper/Tony. Set after Iron Man 3, has MAJOR spoilers!

Inspired by the anon who prompted “your favorite Pepper scene from the movie, perhaps from a different perspective”, though you have to squint pretty hard to make it fit the prompt.



Pride and Prejudice: Water Tribe, Coffee Scene by ~sqbr

A sequel to Pride and Prejudice: Water Tribe

First panel: Elizabeth is serving soup to a woman using bending, Darcy looks on. Panel 2: Darcy looks away, blushing, Elizabeth looks at him, blushing, and the woman wonders when she’s going to get her soup. 

Might have worked on it some more but my shoulder suddenly started being REALLY SORE.

(Let’s try this “share on tumblr” feature…)

prompt: something else from the Water Tribe!D&E verse would be awesome. if not, umm, maybe the scene where Elizabeth tells Darcy about Lydia’s elopement?


you can tell when a narrative loves its characters as people, not just pieces for advancing a plot. chihayafuru’s already an engaging sports drama, but it insists on contextualizing its characters as important parts of larger communities, be they families or schools, and this episode really brought that to light.

[cut for rambling thoughts about families, niche sports, and why people aren’t card games]

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I was inspired to make a several posts on my dw. THIS SHOW.

(And yes, astroprojection, I am going back through your Chiharafuru tag. I don’t ship as hard as you but I like your choices :))


A burly old woman cyclops in a greek chiton holding a mallet, coloured like an ancient greek vase. Loosely based on a reference photo I found of a 70 year old female blacksmith.

Don’t mind me, just keeping track of all my lovely notes


An amputee octopus woman in an electric wheelchair uses her remaining hand to drink coffee while she writes on a clipboard with two of her tentacles.

Since for some reason I can never like/reblog posts from fatpeopleart from my art account.