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Okay guys. Rubbing hands together and pulling some of my own art to serve as a visual of sorts here. Whitewashing, as most of you know, is taking a character of color and depicting them as white or with light skin. It’s a controversial issue—and for very good reason. PoC are concerned about…

this is a good post and you should feel good

I’m not even in this conversation, and I appreciate the fuck out of this. 

Artists who are drawing PoC in any fandom, I hope you read this. It matters. Not just to PoC, it matters to anyone looking at your art. If you just don’t know how to draw different lighting on dark skin (and the examples aren’t even that dark, honestly), this is a really good start.

I agree with the basic messages of this completely, but I’ll add that an important part of learning how to draw different skin tones (or learning how to draw anything!) is not just looking at art examples or video games but at actual people. I realised a few years ago that I had no idea how to do lighting on dark skin and made a point of doing a bunch of fanart of live action dark skinned characters and it was really helpful, and I still use real life models for video game/animated etc characters if I feel unsure.

Looking at cast photographs from any tv show or movie with a diverse cast will show a nice variety of skin tones under the same lighting, albeit mostly bright white lights.

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    Heads-up to artists, learn your lighting!
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