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Do you realize that the fat activist movement is a sham by various food corporations in order to increase profits?









Do you realize that the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and that dieting is a sham in order to increase profits?

Did you realize that dieting makes about 1/10 what big food does, and big food has a vested interest in keeping you addicted to crap?

This is hilarious. People actually think it’s the other way around.

I mean, I guess it’s not like dieting is encouraged in every single fucking magazine, in a shit ton of commercials, on billboards everywhere…

Oh wait.

Dieting industry: $60billion/yr industry, controls entire social environment encouraging thinness and actively discriminating against fat people.

"Big food": allegedly makes 10x that, controls small-ish counter-movement of fat people saying "fuck off stop treating me like shit".

Uh…huh. This makes sense how, exactly?

Because it’s unthinkable that actual fat people would genuinely not like to be treated like shit…?

Frankly, I don’t care if it *was* a project of “big food”, I’m still gonna support a movement that has done approximately 100000000000000000x as much for my mental and physical health as dieting ever did.

Um if this is true where the fuck is my food industry check?

Someone thinks this world is one where there is a vast, well funded conspiracy to promote fat positivity? Honestly, it’s scary that they can look at such an unremittingly fat hostile society and think that, but, of course, this is also a world where people sincerely believe in “minority privilege”.

Even corporations with a vested interest in promoting fat acceptance will throw fat people under the bus just ‘cause. Just look at how plus-size clothing retailers are more likely to sell customer data to weight loss companies than do anything substantive to encourage their customers to have a positive relationship with their bodies.

Also, let’s not forget: the food industry and the diet industry are often one and the same. Heinz used to own Weight Watchers. Nestlé used to own Jenny Craig. Some of the most popular diet products - Diet Coke, Lean Cuisine, Slim-Fast, etc., are food products sold in grocery stores.

There have been stupid, transparent, clumsy industry front groups (Center for Consumer Freedom comes to mind) that promoted a sort of pseudo-fat acceptance, but once actual fat activists figured out what they were about, they stayed away from them, because anyone who has spent enough time in fat activism knows the food industry and the diet industry are kissing cousins, and knows better than to trust either of them.

The main benefit of the food industry is that it has, for better or worse, mechanized ways of producing and distributing cheap food to feed a huge population. There is a lot of good to that, but a lot of bad too. Bottom line, no industry is responsible for fat activism. It is a grassroots movement.

Know your history, fellow fats - you can start with this timeline - A Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline by Charlotte Cooper.

Some highlights:

  • 1967 - The Fat-In takes place in Central Park, New York
  • 1969 - NAAFA’s Constitution and Bylaws are signed. NAAFA: The National Association to Aid Fat Americans, later renamed the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, Girth and Mirth San Francisco formed, Rolling Quads at Berkeley leads to birth of Independent Living Movement
  • 1970 - Llewellyn Louderback publishes Fat Power, cited by The Fat Underground as an influence
  • 1972 - The Fat Underground begins as a group at the Radical Psychiatry Center in Berkeley
  • 1973 - The Fat Underground establishes a chapter, or a local group, of NAAFA in Los Angeles. Later they leave and strike out as an independent organisation.
  • 1974 - The Fat Underground eulogise Mama Cass Elliott at a Women’s Equality Day in Los Angeles

Charlotte Cooper has been involved in fat activism for over 20 years. I’ve been doing this for 14 years (!) this year. There are people still involved who helped start all this up in the late 60s. We need to know our history, or random douchebros on tumblr will try to discredit and take it from us.


I realise the food industry does actually exist, but they don’t need to encourage us to eat. EVERYONE(*) EATS. And their profits aren’t directly correlated with the number of calories we eat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if dieters spend as much if not more on food than non-dieters. Pretty much every “healthy eating” bandwagon gets jumped on by food companies cashing in, look at all the expensive, processed and packaged products aimed at “whole food”/”raw food”/”locally sourced” etc eaters. (Note: this is not the time to get smug about eating your own produce. Most people can’t do that) 

(*)Or they die. Which is hardly a good alternative.


[poster for Dreamworks “Home”, with a young black girl and very short purple alien smiling at each other]




Dreamworks is doing something even Pixar hasn’t tried: A black female heroine

DreamWorks Animation Studios has announced the addition of a black female heroine (gasp!) to its repertoire of white dogs, green ogres, snails, Neanderthals, pandas, white people and Antz. In doing so, it joins an elite club consisting of … well, nobody.

Not one major Hollywood studio has released a 3D animated feature starring a black character.

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Omg omg “The True Meaning of Smek Day”!!!!This book isn’t just about a young black girl, it’s about a young black girl dealing with being colonised and sent to what is basically a reservation for humans. The Boov are a blatant metaphor for cluelessly hurtful white colonists. And it’s really cute and funny! Look at this educational video!

If Dreamworks stay true to the original at all this is going to be great. Of course if they make a travesty I will be heartbroken *sighs for the Lorax*. But it’ll still have a black female protagonist voiced by Rihanna! (Omg WILL SHE SING)



PSA: Multivitamins have been proven to not do shit, and may actually be harmful. Vitamins are really only useful if you have an actual measured deficiency and don’t ‘improve general health’ or ‘prevent cancer.’

I’ve never really heard claims about vitamins being super-pills you take no matter what; I’m taking mine because my nutritionist knows I lack certain foods in my diet, so I should be okay….

What I find annoying is that I’m very cynical about alternative treatments like supplements and chelation, but SOME of my chronic illnesses and medication sideffects have good reasons to be treated with supplements etc…while ALL of them have quack “cures” involving chelation, mega doses of vitamin C etc. And my illnesses are weird enough that I can’t rely on doctors to reliably help me figure out the difference :(

Eg one highly recced doctor told me take all kinds of fancy expensive supplements for insulin resistance and “adrenal fatigue”. I looked them up and found out that adrenal fatigue is totally made up, and while insulin reisstance isn’t the only supplement shown to help it is omega 3, which he didn’t tell me to take. 







Peggy Carter married Gabe Jones but they didn’t have any kids.

They adopted British war orphans instead, and raised to be people that Captain America would be proud of.



The view from my couch: a wall of boxes 4-6 high, 4 wide and 2 deep. 

But we have a house and a bed and the internet and I am happy :)


sometimes things come over my dash that are just wrong

and I am positively itching to go “actually…” and I’m never sure exactly how obnoxious it would be so generally I don’t



You are a stronger woman than I :)


[My cat Kira curled up all cute and happily asleep]

Awwwwwwwwwww how am I going to survive without her for SIX WHOLE DAYS???



So did I already miss all the hubbub over or am I somehow one of the first people to learn about it




PSA: Your Tumblr


So, most of you know that your facebook can be viewed/monitored by employers. But I know a girl who got fired a few weeks ago because her boss used her email from her application TO FIND HER TUMBLR - where she had said some not nice things about her boss, job and coworkers.

And after some discussion, a worker who over heard the conversation for a Staffing Company confessed that they use your email to find you on several social networking sites (Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook being the first ones they check) and that they recommend it to employers as well.

Always assume your boss, your family, and your insurance company can read anything you post publicly ANYWHERE. Facebook is terrible. Locked twitter (or dreamwidth etc) accounts seem pretty safe(*), but “anonymous” accounts aren’t. Sometimes it’s worth taking the risk, but it is a risk! 

I once inadvertently found out a then closeted relative was queer via social media and I wasn’t even trying. (I told them them I was cool with it but suggested editing their profile)

Insurance companies are the worst. You posted two years ago about helping out in the family room at a con = YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL BABYSITTER AND YOUR CLAIMS TO ILLNESS ARE A LIE. I asked the guy if he’d minded scrolling through all my fanart and he made a face :(

(*)Though once a friend of mine’s computer got infected by a virus and sent everyone on her contacts list (including some large mailing lists)  a private email I’d sent her years earlier: a 21st invitation including my birthdate and the private address of a friend who’d had issues with creepy guys. Nothing is totally safe :(


[The Gods of Wheat Street, ABC 1. Where Family is Life- Even after death. Premieres Saturday April 12 8.80pm. There’s a family tree: Jonsey Brown and Eden Freeburn had Ares, Isolde, and Tristan. Eden also had Odin. Odin and Jamie had Electra and Athena. Libbie is Jamie’s sister]


If anyone’s been hankering after magic realism with a majority-PoC cast, The Gods of Wheat Street exists. Its blurb:

Head of the family before his time, Odin Freeburn is being pulled in all directions. As a young boy twenty years ago he promised his dying mother he would keep the family together. Now he has one brother in jail, another brother is in love with the daughter of the family enemy, and his wife has run away to the city leaving him to raise their two daughters. His employer has just died, his sister-in-law is in love with him, and the spirit of his mother Eden has come back on a mission to protect the important destiny of the Freeburn line

I quite enjoyed this! A bit typical Australian TV cheesy here and there (one of the bad guy’s minions is called “Weasel” and is 100% pure Unpleasant Bad Guy Minion) but the central relationships are interestingly complex and the mum’s ghost managed not to feel out of place amongst the more realistic family drama.