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[A series of images of people’s eyes with the names of emotions net to each corner (irritated, sarcastic, worried etc)]






Introducing the Social Intelligence Test! From what I can tell, it’s sponsored by Harvard and it’s rather interesting. The basis is you look at pictures of people going through different emotions and decide what emotion they’re feeling. The trick is, you can only see their eyes.

How well can you read people? I never thought I was good at it, but I scored rather high on this test. It was a very interesting experience! I highly recommend taking this!

13 out of 36…

28 out of 36

31 out of 36. I got some repeating images which made me second guess myself, but otherwise it seemed pretty straight forward. Neat, though!

27 out of 36.  I think my anxiety-induced tendency to overanalyze people may have worked against me in this one.  Or maybe it worked fine but kinda averaged out with my general uncertainty about the whole concept of people.

HMMMMMM this is based on research by Professor Simon Baron Cohen aka That Autism Researcher Austic People Hate. But the test itself was pretty fun.

I got 32/36 despite not being all that good at pegging people’s emotions in real life, maybe they need to control for the amount of time spent staring at Scott McCloud’s Guide to Expressions in Making Comics :) (Further proof that you can improve on any intelligence test with the right type of study, I guess)

Also: while looking up that link I came across this fantastic expression generator. I will totally be using it for art, and I can see it being useful for people who have trouble reading expressions (autistic or otherwise)

I… hmm.

This is so badly designed I suspect ulterior motives.

Associating expressions with direction?

Telling the taker they are right or wrong after the first question? Not showing a whole face, but telling?

"All Caucasians" too. I have to wonder what methodology was used to choose/collect the images.

12/36, by the way.

I think they may actually be from movie posters or something similar. I certainly felt like I was in some cases half recognising the image rather than the expression, Which is not at all what was supposedly being tested. 


[A bush with a fractal crenulated twisting triangle of bark and diminishing leaves and flowers instead of regular branches. A perpendicular cross section would look like a regular branch.] 


Inside and Out. //


Fasciated stem of Pride of Madeira(Echium candicans).  Fasciation in relation to botany describes an abnormal flattening of stems due to failure of the lateral branches to separate from the main stem






dear Australians,

Canada has less people than California alone, and we’re the 2nd biggest country in the world. Gay rights are fully legal, abortion is legal, no racism or descrimination of any kind is allowed, free…

I find this to be another ugly consequence of the US definition of racism steamrolling over all others; I feel like, because it doesn’t manifest the same way in, say, the UK or Australia, it’s easy for assholes to say it doesn’t happen there. But it does, it so does!

Yes and no. In this particular case I think it’s more that people in Canada and Australia (and other countries) love setting the US up as a strawman of conservative capilitalist bigots we can feel superior to and use to avoid confronting how awful our own countries are. And from all accounts the northern US states do the same thing to the south, making THEM the “real” racists.

There are a lot of differences about how racism works here, but there’s also some REALLY BLATANT ways we’re just as bad, and in similar ways. Your average Australian who claims there’s no racism here reacts to “But what about the treatment of Aboriginal Australians?” by trying to find a PC way of saying “but they are inferior”. Because there’s no way to deny that they’re treated badly as a result of their race. 





dear Australians,

Canada has less people than California alone, and we’re the 2nd biggest country in the world. Gay rights are fully legal, abortion is legal, no racism or descrimination of any kind is allowed, free healthcare, and we have moose. Come live here, we have lots of space!



can Americans come too


"No racism or discrimination" ahahaahahah.

I didn’t realise the Nile flowed through Canada.

Also, like, I am in no saying way Australia doesn’t have major issues, but I wouldn’t say Canada is significantly better.

The pendulum has swung a bit worse over here recently with healthcare and abortion, and it’s ridiculous that same sex marriage isn’t legal yet. But we have a smaller population, are only slightly smaller in size (7 million km squared vs 9), and afaict both countries are about equivalently prone to being smug about how Race Isn’t a Problem here while being MASSIVELY RACIST.

You are not alone



If you are being hurt by a person, they’re likely trying to convince you that no one else could possibly understand your relationship.

If you’re being hurt by your family, they’re likely trying to convince you that no one else could possibly understand your family.

If you are being hurt by a community, they’re likely trying to convince you that no one from outside the community can possibly understand.

It’s not true. You are not alone. There are others outside your relationship, family, and community, who can relate to what you’re going through and who can help.

Some aspects of your relationship, family, or community are unique. Some of them are probably unusual, positive, and hard for outsiders to understand. But that is not the barrier that those who are hurting you want you to think it is. It is not insurmountable.

People do not have to understand absolutely everything in order to relate to your experiences in important ways.

You can make connections with others, and a lot of things you have experienced will be very, very similar. Some aspects of abuse are universal. Others are very common. (One very common aspect of abuse is that there is often something about the relationship that is positive, unusual, and secret or hard to describe.). 

The people who you can relate to may be very different from you in a lot of ways. They may be a different age, ethnicity, religion, race, gender, or culture than you. Maybe they are disabled and you aren’t. Maybe their disability is different, or more severe, than yours. Maybe the particular horrors they faced took a different shape. That matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

It is ok to relate to the experiences of people who are very different from you. It is not appropriation. (It is not ok to pretend that your experiences are identical; but it’s completely possible to relate without doing that.) Don’t let anyone tell you to only listen to people who are just like you. We all need each other.

People may be trying to isolate you, but you are not alone. Other people can and do understand and care about the ways in which you are getting hurt.

youneedacat said:

I think this is one of the most harmful things about the flagrant misuse of the word ‘appropriation’ that I’ve seen flood through tumblr.  Like, “It’s appropriation if you flap your hands and you’re not autistic.”  As if autistic people have a secret cultural patent on hand-flapping.

But seriously — this fear of identifying with each other is toxic.  It’s far more toxic than the occasional overidentification is.  Overidentification can be plenty bad, and I dislike it as much as anyone does.  But.  What I see happening on tumblr and other places that adopt this attitude, is people getting pushed apart.

People getting pushed apart needlessly.  Because people are afraid to identify with each other’s experiences for fear of being ‘appropriative’.  (Which isn’t even what real appropriation looks like.  Real appropriation is horrible and awful and nasty, but it is not the same as identifying with someone different than yourself.  I keep wanting to say, “You’re appropriating the word appropriation.”)

And I think even in activist contexts this gets things screwed up.  It prevents solidarity among people with similar experiences.  It prevents people from different oppressed groups from comparing notes and learning from each other.  Because everyone is so afraid of accidentally stepping on each other’s toes that they won’t get within ten feet of each other, that’s how ridiculous it’s getting.

And yes — it also screws things up in contexts where a person is being abused and needs help but is afraid to identify with the experiences of other people.  I know that’s the main topic.  But I wanted to address it in terms of activism too because there’s a serious parallel thing going on there.

It’s just… it’s all so wrong, and all so toxic, and I can see what made things go bad in this direction, but I can’t see how to fix it.  Other than setting out little packages with bits of truth in them, like I’ve talked about.  Like the original poster did.  Like I’m doing now.  And then people can find the packages and read them and decide for themselves what to think about them.

This is kind of related to a bunch of different examples I’ve seen attached to this post, but: my abusive ex was a big fan of making everything he did linked to his Private Trauma, so that I would be ~betraying his trust~ by telling anyone his justifications for abusing me. And if I told people about the abuse without including his explanations, well…that’s hardly fair is it?

And this does come up in social justice discussions, because whenever it feels to me that people are using the Trauma Card the way he did I fall into this awful spiral of trauma triggers about other people’s trauma triggers. 

…I had something else I was going to add more relevant to the person above’s specific point but guess who just triggered herself and needs to go calm down with some Flight Rising :/



(Note: While this post discusses the recent doxxing of a well-known member of the Welcome To Night Vale fandom, I will not be using her real name at any point. While the name is undoubtedly known to many people, I nonetheless ask anyone reblogging or commenting on this post or related posts to practice similar discretion. The more distance she can put between her professional identity and the damaging false accusations made against her, the better.)

This post was created as part of a joint effort by several people. It was written by branwyn-says, and co-signed by some (but not all) of the people who have been personally affected by the situation. I created a new blog for this post, both to keep the bulk of the traffic away from my personal blog and so that other people could make posts on the subject at a later time, if they wished to. I apologize for any confusion created by my use of the passive voice, which I deemed necessary to protect people’s privacy.

The purpose of this post is to bring to light information that will hopefully prevent what happened to Tumblr user sodomquake from happening to anyone else. I will only present information that has been verified through screencaps or personal statements from multiple people involved.

This post concerns the actions of a particular Tumblr user, namely the individual who has admitted to creating the teethforlunch blog that doxxed sodomquake. After serious discussion with people who know this individual, we as a group have elected not to disclose their identity at this time. This decision was made in the interests of protecting vulnerable persons, and in the hopes that teethforlunch will choose to take a break from fandom for awhile and seriously consider the choices that led them to engage in behavior that has harmed many people. This post will be using they/their pronouns to refer to teethforlunch, not as a reflection of that person’s gender identity or personal pronoun choice, but simply to protect their privacy.

Our hope is that the information we are sharing will create a context for serious fandom discussions that address the way we engage one another when it comes to important matters such as social justice and accountability.


Read More

Hey guys, I know I hardly engage with fandom very much at all, but this is something that has affected me in a lot of ways. I’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to read it (It’s long, I know!) because it IS so important to me.

As a fan community, we have a responsibility to look out for those around us. And that’s not an easy task.

But, after observing the fandom in general over the past few months, and this incident in particular over the past few days, I think we need to start being more aware of the environment we’re creating.

I won’t even pretend to have all the answers for how to make our little corner of the internet any healthier, but I know that if we don’t at least talk about it, it’s not going to happen at all. Right?

On that note, let me end by saying this. If you ever see me engaging in behavior that makes you uncomfortable, I would appreciate it tremendously if you brought it to my attention and thank you in advance.




AU where it was House Aeducan instead of House Tethras that was exiled and you have Prince Varric vs Lord Harrowmont, and Bhelen telling Hawke’s story.

Wouldn’t it be Prince Bertrand vs Harrowmont? (there’s a choice /o\) With poor Varric barely escaping an assassination attempt and ending up on the surface fighting the Blight and Princess Aeducan explaining her shenigans with Hawke to Casandra. 


The reason I thought this up in the first place, was taking a look at just how similar Tiran and Bartrand are to one another, and how it’s really their life circumstances that help to shape them. For instance, Bartrand’s codex entry states how devoted he is to the Orzammar ideal of tradition, and how he longs for his nostalgic childhood memories of Orzammar. Conversely, Trian is also devoted to these same ideals.

Varric and Bhelen also, while extremely different characters also have some strong similarities. Both are excellent liars and manipulators (Bhelen in the DN Origin, Varric… whenever Hawke calls on him), and both have considerable charm and charisma, though they harness it in different ways. It was more interesting to me to think about the idea of Varric and Bhelen having to take on these completely opposite roles, and how that changes their personalities. A Varrlc that grew up in Orzammar would likely not be as friendly of a guy as the Varric we know, simply because Orzammar… kinda lends itself to cultivating horrible people.

IDK it’s more interesting to ME for Varric to be the Prince vying for the throne than the Warden.

When it comes to Lady Aeducan, I thought that with the parents out of the way (certainly, it seems likely that Endrin would NOT take exile well, and I’ve always headcanoned his wife as dying giving birth to Bhelen) Trian would become head of the house at a young age. As such, he would likely (given his gross “breeding flesh” comment) attempt to have her married off as quickly as possible to a fellow Kalna family in order to increase influence. Which makes for an interesting story for her imho, rather than a complete rehash.

Also the irony of Trian being the one to betray Bhelen in another life is too tempting to pass up.

Ah, ok, I hadn’t thought of it that way. But I think they’re both interesting AUs to consider for different reasons :)

[pale green ceramic mugs that are hexagonal in cross section rather than circular. They can be tesselated in two rows, looking like carbon molecules, beyond that the hexagonal handles get in the way]


HIVE - In The Mountains

Reminds me of benzene rings. Sigh! I miss organic chemistry, but on to medical school



Until July 31st 2014, you can get the complete collection of The Sims 2 (all expansion packs, all stuff packs) on Origin FOR FREE.

Just follow the instructions here.

Apparently, it is only the PC edition, however. :( So you need a PC or bootcamp on ur mac, frenz.

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your cat’s a qt; hope you feel better soooooon <333

Thanks! Still sick but I’ve been worse and the cat is enjoying having TWO laps (since Cam is sick too)


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I KNOW RIGHT. Like, I was a proper grownup back then and it was a decade ago.

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I love no children, haha. nobody I’ve ever shown it to has ever appreciated it, though!

It is the best and other people’s music tastes are objectvely wrong.